Dr. Darlene O-Dell
Contact Hours:
12 hours (1.2 CEU) 
April 7, April 12, April 14, April 19, April 21, and April 26 
MW 1:00pm - 3:00pm 
Synchronous on Zoom

Module Description

Concerned about the loss of your family stories or photographs?

“Writing Your Story One Photograph at a Time” is a 6-session course that begins with an introductory session about the importance of connecting your stories to your photographs. The next 5 sessions are devoted to your writing as we work through Dr. Dar’s Freewriting Prompts: Writing about Your Photographs. Provided to you as a pdf at the first class meeting, this journal contains 25 prompts to help you both unlock your stories and to record them for future generations. Learn how to create a photo memoir for your descendants or a box of stories or individual annual gifts.

Instructor Information 

Dr. Darlene O’Dell will lead this supportive class. A former instructor at the College of William and Mary and Clemson University, she founded Freewrite Fridays in Brevard, NC, in 2014. She is the author of The Story of the Philadelphia 11 (Seabury Books, 2014), Sites of Southern Memory (UVA Press, 2001), I Followed Close Behind Her (Spinsters Ink, 2003) and has also written for Patheos, National Catholic Reporter, Hashtag Queer, Cobblestone, Frogpond, Under the Bashō, Wales Haiku Journal, the National Park Service, and others.

Comments from Freewrite Fridays Participants:

“It is a gift to have Darlene O’Dell as a guide on the pilgrimage of writing. She is a person whose unassuming gentleness creates a nourishing environment for people who need encouragement to experiment in search of our authentic voices.”

Annette Campbell

“To have imagination and memory stirred that results in playful and insightful writing is to be nudged by Dr. Dar’s writing prompts . . . she invokes an inner voice to rise and visit for a while.”

Dr. Janet L. Paduhovich

“I don’t dwell in memory. And if asked I may say I don’t have many memories. Enter the prompts. The prompts serve to open up the world of my past, one short snapshot at a time.”

Susan Sklar




12 seats available.