Max Negin, Editor, Writer, Producer, and Three-time Emmy Award Winner
Contact Hours:
6 hours (0.6 CEU)
January 14, 15
6:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. EST
In-class (Elon Campus, 100 Campus Drive, Elon, NC 27244)

Module Description

Whether you want to produce your own videos or simply gain a deeper appreciation for the topic of video production, Professor Max Negin is here to show you the way in. Negin, Assistant Professor of Cinema and Television Arts, brings both a personal and practitioner perspective to this craft. As a four-time Emmy award winner, he has experienced the ins and outs of the process first-hand through his work with broadcast and cable outlets including NBC, ABC, FOX, ESPN, HBO and Comcast SportsNet, and as an associate producer and broadcast coordinator for two seasons with the Philadelphia 76ers. Professor Negin offers a unique insight into video production. In the 6 hours learning module of Video Production 101, you will understand not only how video production works, but how to tell a great and compelling visual narrative.

As you learn the structure and techniques of video production stages, you will also receive an immersive education in effective visual stories by looking at successful examples. You will learn how to transform your own creative ideas into an effective visual language. While you can spend thousands of dollars on a short video, this learning module will employ your smartphone and available online tools to create video content. In the end, you will gain the invaluable ability to appreciate visual narratives. Then, it is up to you how you decide to use your limitless creative possibilities.

Learning Competencies

Learners will know by the end of the module:

  • The basic theories and practice of digital photography using mobile devices.
  • Online, cloud-based media-management.
  • The use of free, public domain media resources.
  • Core theories behind visal storytelling.