Contact Hours:
2 hours (0.2 CEU, 2 SHRM, and 2 HRCIs)
Course Access Duration:
90 Days
$40 (Waived for all)

Module Description

Public speaking is one of the most common anxiety-inducing experiences. Whether delivering a speech in front of a large audience or having a direct conversation with one or two other people, we often allow stress and nerves to impede our ability to deliver a clear message. This course is designed to help learners understand the causes and signs of speaking anxiety and learn practical ways to address their speaking fears.

Module Outcomes

• Define speaking anxiety

• Identify the common signs and symptoms of speaking anxiety

• Explain the typical causes of speaking anxiety

• Discuss the role of self-confidence in combating speaking anxiety

• Practice confidence building strategies

• Explain and demonstrate relaxation techniques, such as equalized breathing, tension release, and visualization

• Consider how to manage anxiety in one-on-one and small group interactions

• Identify tips and tools for handling anxiety when delivering a speech in front of a large audience

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