Christopher Harris, Associate Professor of Finance and Chair of the Department of Finance
Contact Hours:
10 hours (1 CEU)
Open Registration: January 1 - February 28, 2021
Location: Self-paced online

Module Description

Worrying about money and saving for the future can feel overwhelming for many of us. In this learning module, Christopher Harris, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Finance shows us how we can make wise financial decisions to achieve personal financial goals. In 8 eye-opening lectures you will gain a new appreciation for the variety of financial decisions available to you. These lectures offer an opportunity to help you determine your financial aspirations and gain a better understanding of how to get there. You need no expertise in finance to follow the following exciting learning topics:

  • How to set your financial goals
  • Understanding how the value of money changes over time
  • Appreciation of how the little things matter
  • The key idea behind “paying yourself first”
  • A peek into credit and how it works
  • Understanding financial products: health insurance, savings, and investments

Learning Competencies

Learners will know by the end of the module:

  • how to understand the budgeting process and keys for personal success.
  • how to interpret credit and credit scores at a personal level.
  • basic investment accounts necessary for building wealth.
  • how to identify the value in employer benefits.