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Elon is a community of people who love to learn – at every age and stage of life. Whether it is advancing your career, understanding new phenomenon or preparing for the demands of today’s professional environments, Elon University is committed to its mission of advancing lifelong learning.

As part of the university’s Boldly Elon strategic plan, ElonNEXT works to create innovative and accessible learning opportunities for our community and yours. Housed in the School of Education, ElonNEXT is your resource to learn new skills, explore new fields, advance or change your career path or just feed your hunger for new intellectual frontiers. Get engaged with passionate teachers and a class of fellow learners who are excited to dig in, discover and grow.

We invite you to join Elon in reaching for ever-higher levels of achievement.

Learning Modules

Understanding and fighting fake news

Accusations of fake news have been rampant, but what do they really mean? And do you have any role in spreading it? This course will teach you the meaning and origin of misinformation and disinformation, how to spot it and will let you develop and practice techniques to keep from spreading it. Three instructor-led sessions are complemented by opportunities to practice with others in the course and become a part of the community of people who think critically about the news.

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Writing Your Story One Photograph at a Time

“Writing Your Story One Photograph at a Time” is a 6-session course that begins with an introductory session about the importance of connecting your stories to your photographs. The next 5 sessions are devoted to your writing as we work through Dr. Dar’s Freewriting Prompts: Writing about Your Photographs. Provided to you as a pdf at the first class meeting, this journal contains 25 prompts to help you both unlock your stories and to record them for future generations. Learn how to create a photo memoir for your descendants or a box of stories or individual annual gifts.


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